beautiful books with ugly content

by lovelettertypewriter

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i think too is all your fault.
and your tiny hands draw the space in this empty house i lived..
it was your dream i've built.and you have nothing to say now.
you fell on my shoulders,i tried to dry all your tears,
but i sunk in one moment(like ships do), i was so lost that day..
when you cried you said that there is no way to go and just can't stay..

i remember your fingers playing on this old tattoo i have;
wanting more, hearing the sounds of the piano, i wish to feel the embrace of this time..
and you know, i really hate to say that, but it ruined my life.
i think i have no home to stay houses to build.
i've sent too much goodbye letters
and it ruined my life.


released May 6, 2011




lovelettertypewriter Scituate, Rhode Island


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